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There are a few reasons why I am doing a 365 project this year. For those that don’t know, a 365 project is a daily endeavor or 365 days where you try and create something. Different types of artists and makers of all kinds of things take on projects like these every year to better their skills and keep learning, to create something every day with their talents and to document sometimes – like me.

We moved this past year, we took on new jobs this year, we left jobs, we had a baby, we gained goats, cats and chickens. We did a lot in the past 365 and I know we will do a lot in this coming 365 days. I want to remember it – for myself and for my children.



Jan 3-Jan12

11/365 – the clutter sometimes feels too much


22/365 – working with only the light at night – taken through a set of bars on a chair


33/365 – Those mornings after I return from drop off. My sluggishness, my coffee, my super bright kitchen window



On top of trying to capture a little bit of our daily life, well I should say my daily routine, I want to grow in my art. I want to hone my skills. I want to know my camera inside and out. I want to be able to create the images I want without trying to flip-flop through and hope and pray they turn out okay.



IMG_89924/365 – learning how high my tripod can reach


IMG_90035/365 – Letting Aud practice taking photos


66/365 – This day was soo great. Everything was covered in that sparkling morning frost. The sun was bright in the sky and I had my second fresh 48 session to shoot. I was so excited to get the day going. My MIL took the little one and I got to have a morning to myself, to take care of the animals, to get ready without a crying baby, to do a job I’m slowly falling in love with (especially these fresh 48 sessions).


77/365 – and then you just feel like you can’t and parenting is hard and life is too overwhelming



I also want to express how I feel. I used to journal a lot when I was younger. And I was never very good at it and it wasn’t probably something I wanted to read ever again usually but I enjoyed the process. The marks of putting pen to paper, expressing your feelings which are so so important. These things are harder now in the thick of younger children. I have a new set of skills though – photography – and I’m using it in this project to express my feelings too.

So some pictures are just for me, some are trying to capture an image I saw and wanted to recreate. None perfect. None as meaningful to anyone but me. I know what they are about. I know why I took the photo. And it’s for me, for my expression, for my process. I’m trying to make it a safe space for me to say what I feel.



88/365 – Fridays always make me happy. Even though being a stay at home mom makes them a little less “Friday-ish”.

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