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This week my pictures look a lot different than last week. That’s not intentional at all. I loved how this week developed it’s own flair and look. Last week I was lost in clutter, this week I focused on close up. I will definitely be repeating those themes as I continue through this process because they happen naturally for me and are on going.

All pictures previous and ongoing were taken with a Canon 70D and 35mm Sigma Art lens.

Week 2, 8-14

Family Newborn Photographer Lawrence Kansas Kayla Kohn9/365 – This photo was not meant to have the smoldering glare that it does… I simply wanted an outdoor selfie with my camera. I was holding it out in front of me and took about 10 frames. This was just my face when I hit the click button. I wanted some outdoor light. But anyone who knows me from high school might be able to recall a portrait I painted of myself in this exact look – I had on a fur lined hooded jacket… If I were to say I have a trademark look I would say a faux fur lined hooded jacket is definitely it. I love these coats. My cousin said this looks very A&F – esk.


Kayla Kohn Photography Lifestyle Photographer Newborn Photographer Lawrence Kansas Topeka Kansas


10/365 – YOU CAN BET I PHOTOSHOPPED THAT UNDER EYE WRINKLEMESS… Okay though I really love this picture. I used a different preset than I usually do and then upped the exposure a lot. I really like the way this particular set of presets look in my master bedroom. ISO 320, f1.8, 1/100

Okay okay I know everyone is getting sick of my face… in my photos but I’ve learned two things about portraits and photography and journalism and it’s that 1. photos without people are nice but not really look worthy. They certainly can be but if the focus is story-telling and human connection then you have to have people in it. In my photojournalism school we got in trouble when we tried to turn in photo assignments that didn’t have people in them. So now for me, my focus for photos is always people focused. and as I grow as a photographer I am mastering the connection part. 2. What Ive learned from my family photography education is that MOMS MATTER! okay, yeah we all know this but you know moms feel like they don’t want pictures of themselves. “Please I just want a few shots of my kids… can you shoot that?” Well I can shoot that, but in 30 years they are going to think those pictures are okay but they are going to cherish the ones with you in them. I mean, that’s my opinion but I love taking photos my children with me in them, at least at this young age. I matter. They matter. Our love matters. Our connection matters. I want to show it.


Kayla Kohn Lifestyle and newborn photographer Lawrence kansasKayla Kohn Lifestyle Family Newborn Photographer Lawrence Kansas


11/365 – My favorite of the week so far. I photoshopped the background, I’m totally in front of a door frame and blue wall! ISO 320, f1.8, 1/100

So the first three days of this week I guess I was feeling close up portraits with simplistic backgrounds
I want my kids to look back at all these photos I took and know that I was there, I was present, they mattered to me, I mattered to me. I think they are important, but I’m important too. I mean this in no self-centered way. Because my entire life revolves around my children. I am at their beck and call and swirl around them all day long. and thats a wonderful beautiful thing to be doing, but I want them to know more for it and see that I did it too.




12/365 – SNOW DAY AT KOHN ACRES – check out the full set here! ISO 100, f1.8, 1/8000




13/365 –  okay same day here. Not going to pretend that I’m not using some of the same day photos for different days of my 365 project. Why not? No rules here just trying to post a daily picture. So this was the snow day too but before we went out doors… Audrey had decided to paint. WHICH IS TOTALLY NOT THE NORM, but she decided to paint some of her toy food items. Why not? Those things are just scattered little plastic things all around the house. She really enjoyed it. The picture of charlotte that I choose was a free lensed photo. My best one I’ve ever taken. They are super hard to get in focus. Which is kind of the point – they are extreme blur because you actually take the lens off the camera and hold it in front of the camera body. A look that I love but have to work harder at getting better at. Thank you audrey for capturing me and a Charles in matching striped shirts! She said the other day she wants to be a photographer when she grows up. We shall see. ISO 400, f1.4, 1/500


kasas kayla kohn photography family newborn14/365 – School’s cancelled day! It was MLK day on Monday and then school was cancelled on Tuesday so Audrey got a 4 day break! What a lucky kid. Which gave us time for extra snuggles! ISO 400, f1.8, 1/500

I had a breakthrough today. My mind works like that. Does yours? You give yourself a question or can’t think of something and then an hour later, or a day later your mind finally pulls the info out of the depths and cobwebs of your inner mind/subconscious and pulls the info you needed out? Okay now that that’s written out it sounds like way more than actually what probably happened.
So I’ve been working hard to brainstorm and figure out ‘WHAT DO I DO?’ WHAT KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHY DO I DO?’ WHAT KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHY DO I WANT TO DO’??? and this on and on. Because, you have to have focus – pinpointed accuracy of what it is you do, how you do it, and what you have to offer your people. So I am still working on making what “I DO” a vision and I have a big idea but we will see what comes of it. I’m going to need some mom friends to help me out: ))
Which photo is your favorite?

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