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Thanks for sticking with me into week three! This week I began to learn that my project is taking a turn from documenting my day to also being inspired instantly and capturing that. And that is continuing to happen as I capture photos for the following week.

[[All pictures previous and ongoing were taken with a Canon 70D and 35mm Sigma Art lens.]]

Week 3, 15-21

Kayla Kohn Photography -215/365 – Just continuing this journey. Nearly every morning I spend 20-30 minutes easily like this. just snuggling the baby away after morning feeding and getting back from taking the kindergartner to school. But I like this photo even more for the way I edited it. I’m totally inspired by Kaley From Kansas and I have already learned that comparing yourself and your beginning to someone’s highlight reel is a inspiration and confidence killer. Anyway so not trying to compare myself to her, but learn from her, figure it out.  I just did a lot of lightening here and upped the exposure on the bottom of the frame and just enough so that you couldn’t see but outlines of my features cause my morning face was (and is in the photo) not the best. anyway – also added a lot of blur everywhere except my face.


Kayla Kohn Photography -1-416/365 – This is one of those moments I was talking about – where I was instantly inspired. the magenta and pink in this photo is nearly straight out of camera (SOOC). We walked out in the morning to head to school and it was the perfect sunrise dawn light where the colors were at their peak. and everything was glowing pink and I just wanted to capture my little one in it.




Kayla Kohn Photography -2

17/365 – One day a little bit ago I took a phone shot of the shadows my front door makes in the afternoon sun. And because I’m nearly all about portraits I decided to utilize those to make some photos. I Over-edited here – dropped all the shadows and all the blacks. Not really happy with it but maybe Ill try this spot again.




Kayla Kohn Photography -1-318/365 – Here I was again, inspired in the moment. My little one was playing by the one small window in our kitchen that at peak brightness makes a lot of light in one spot. And I got creative and put a poster paper under her and kept trying to photograph completely centered on the sheet but she wasn’t happy at all when I was taking these photos. I tried to distract her with a little toy. This one was the gut one that I liked the most. And for the first time I used photoshop to extend parts of the photo and did a decent job of cloning the paper and then adding an additional layer of white on top to smooth it out.

I really don’t like having to edit and smooth backgrounds and things like that but this was fun and not too hard. Playing with these techniques is helping me find my style. I do like ‘minimalist’ but I don’t want to have to force it too much.




Kayla Kohn Photography -1-2

19/365 – Same spot. Using a version of cave lighting here. When you have on main spot of light it causes the background to fall out. I edited it then to completely black it out. All Light room.





Kayla Kohn Photography -2-3Kayla Kohn Photography -3-220/365 – I was inspired this day by the weather. It snowed for the second time within a few days and this wasn’t the big snow we got but it stuck for a day to everything. I wanted a gorgeous snowy backdrop behind me but it is hard for me to get the tripod and timer to work with me for focus. I need to figure out how to lock my focus on my camera so it doesn’t refocus every time I take a new picture and I know you can do this I just haven’t taken the time to look it up. And I was in one spot (FREEZING MY BUTT OFF GETTING WET AND TURNING RED BY THE MINUTE) that was open and was framed by branches but it wasn’t working photo wise so I turned the camera to the side of where I was and decided to use the branches and their own backdrop.



2121/365 – When the cousins come over sometimes their get photographed too. Again this her I’m being photographed face I guess!

Thanks for catching up with me and my 365 project this week. This is hard but I’ve seen a change, an inspiration, a new focus, and thought and so many other things happen just from the three weeks I’ve been doing this.
Which photo is your favorite?

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Kayla Kohn is a family and motherhood photographer serving Lawrence, Topeka, Olathe and surrounding areas in Kansas.

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