Before and After | June 12, 2018

For photographers, learning how to edit and use your camera is a long adventure that never ends. As I go I continue to learn every single day and new way to edit and I know I’ll continue to learn for the rest of my life. It’s actually one of my very favorite things about photography. The learning process could never ever end.


This beautiful engagement session was done at a lake nearby. We found a high spot, a hill where we could capture the sun just as it was setting on the horizon at the level of their heads. Usually the sun sets behind a tree line when you’re down low and you can’t capture it at this angle. So get up high!kaylakohnphotographyAA (8 of 9)

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Canon 6D II, ISO 320, Sigma Art 35mm, f 2.2, 1/640sec Shutter Speed

Edited in Lightroom

Applied Preset: Smal 04, Decreased Reds, Decreased temperature to 5.3k, increased contrast to 31, decreased clarity to -23, increased vibrance to 26.

Added two radial filters: One above head and one between faces to increase the exposer of the sun light filtering in.




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