Support your friends — for free

I’m going to take a moment to get on my soap box:

Kayla Kohn photographer in Lawrence Kansas self portrait

Here’s the thing. Many of your friends are trying to make money for their families by selling products or services. You see their posts on their personal Facebook pages and the business pages and their Instagram feeds. You love them and would love to support them but you don’t have the funds to buy their product or services because life is full of things you need to spend your money on…like food, that water bill, childcare… etc. I know exactly how you feel.

There is one way that you CAN support them though. And in a big way for FREE. You can like, SHARE, and comment on their posts. This sounds lame and annoying but truly, Facebook and instagram are the number one way we business owners can market ourselves – but the thing is.. Facebook and Instagram like to make money too. They do this by burying our posts and hiding them from even the people following our business pages and personal pages. They do this to entice us business owners to pay them advertising fees just to get them to show our posts to our friends and people who ALREADY like our stuff.

So now we are doing things like ‘like, share and comment to enter to win a free photo session… or like and comment on this post for a chance to be in the drawing…etc’ — these are to encourage you to INTERACT with our posts so that Facebook will be like ‘OH PEOPLE like this post, we will show it to more people…’

So the lesson here is you can support your friends and family by simply liking and sharing their posts. This allows it to be seen by more people, which will maybe lead to us reaching more people and booking clients…. which in the end friends — honestly just helps us run our businesses so we can help provide for our families. That’s really what all of us business owners are out here trying to do. I just want to support my family with my business and you can help me do that… just by liking and sharing and commenting on my posts. 

k, love you!
xoxo – Kayla

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